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Ashley Evans
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
To sum myself up, I'm a former Class Sergeant/Somehow Still An Introvert/Goth Chick with a dualistic personality that also shows up in my clothes and my art. My goal as a 3D Modeler and Animator is to create and bring to life what was constricted to the mind, whether it be through the previous two mediums, or drawing and storytelling.

I graduated from Cogswell College with a B.A. in 3D Modeling and Animation in May 2014. This site is a mix of old works from high school and new ones, and I tend to use this as a way to post drawings I might not be able to on my portfolio site.

Current Residence: Massachusetts, Previously So Cal
Favorite genre of music: Rock/Electronic
Favorite style of art: Mix of realism with a cartoonish touch, "Tattoo" linework
Operating System: Windows 8.1 beaten to look like 7
Favorite cartoon character: Cap MeChanic from LenZ "Ego City"

Commissions List by Smooth-Criminal-13


Final product:
  8x10 200 dpi approx. (adjusted for composition)
  PNG (will do JPG at request, no PSDs)
Simple Backgrounds included for all options
Tattoo or Linework (Weighted/Clean, One Color): $40
Extra Character: +$15
Color and Cel Shading: +$15 per Character
Colored Lines (All Characters): +$5
Complex Background: +$20


-No Smut

-Suggestive and Gore are okay, but up to my discretion (No incest, underage characters, or sexual violence)

-Pay up front, PayPal only. I will send payment info once we have figured out the details of your commission, and you do not have to pay until your commission is at the top of the list/is being started.

-Prices may change in the future, but I will not change the price of a piece you already commissioned before the change (unless the price goes down, which I don't foresee).

-I will send an early sketch for your approval before continuing, after finish I can make minor changes, but  large changes will add to the price. I will keep you up to date on the progress. If you would like more frequent updates than the base sketch, don't be afraid to ask, just know it will slow down your commission (my turnover should be rather fast otherwise).

-You are allowed to repost the commission wherever you want, with credit to me and link back to my profile. You are NOT allowed to edit the image in any way (such as removing the signature or adding color to linework) or profit from it. Only exception is making an icon from it for personal use, just give me a shout out if anyone asks about it please.

-If I decide to post the image to my page, I will watermark the one on my page so it cannot be duplicated, and I will ask if you would like your profile or name attached (or not).

-If you have references of what you would want (OC sketches, style reference, etc.) please send to ensure accuracy for your commission. Let me know if you want your commission to match a particular style example in my gallery. Also let me know if you have a preference on your simple background, or if that will just be up to whatever I feel fits your piece best (I will clear by you in the end, of course). The more details you give me, the happier you’ll be!

-I will wait one week from your slot moving up to hear from you before moving it down, I will wait two weeks before removing you from slots.

- If you want something outside of the pricing list, don't be afraid to ask! But be aware it will be priced by the hour.

Things I Like!:
-Tattoo Linework!
- Undertale!
-Gothic aesthetics and clothes!
But don't be afraid to ask me for literally anything else, even if it's not in my gallery! I might have other examples to show you or can just go for it. 

Boy howdy it's finished!
I've been teasing y'all for a few days but it is here!
I modeled, rigged, and animated the version I made the Gaster Blaster for my Bad Time poster in my gallery. (There's no audio, sorry)
If you have any questions about how I made this, ask away! I'm happy to answer. Though you might get most of that info from the youtube description lol.
I hope you guys enjoy!


Although it will be a little while before I can get another drawing out (Still animating for Ambient and also preparing for a cross country move!), the first thing you'll probably see from me is an Undertale Tattoo pumpkin carving. I realized some of them work perfect for that :)
Really sorry if it seems super quiet over here! I have a lot of stuff to deal with on my end over here, on top of doing a ton of animations for Ambient Prologue! So the next 2 months are iffy. I shall return triumphantly though after all this!
Dealing with art theft of one of my Undertale Tattoos :( Some Amazon seller in Japan selling tshirts. Already in contact with Amazon's legal team. Let's see how this goes
Thanks to all of you, I now have over 5,000 page views, over 5,000 views on my Undertale comic alone, and 100 followers! Thank you, and I'm glad all of you enjoy my work!
AHHH THIS IS SO HELPFUL! I just installed this chrome extension. I set it up so it only notifies me about Notes, but it will notify me with sound and desktop popups and stuff without DA being open, so I don't have to keep refreshing to wait for Notes! It just tells me!…


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